The beginning..

 "Add life in days and not days to life." Sometimes life is like a bad dream. We want to forget things and erase some memories to breathe in silence. And sometimes life is a celebration. Where each moment is cherished and happiness flows deeply in our veins.   We are not the chooser of the…Read more The beginning..



When I was around 8 years old I saw a movie which was way beyond my maturity level and left me craving in the time when I really didn’t know what craving was all about? Then I watched that movie almost every time I got a chance to do so and every time I had…Read more Fairytale

The Unknown

I could sense him standing behind me. The warmth of his breathing below my ears. His broad fingers playing with my hair. "Who is there?" I asked. There was no answer, just an eerie silence. I was so afraid. "Who are you?" I asked again nervously. Again, pin drop silence. I could feel him gliding…Read more The Unknown


Feeling so low, I don't even know, What I really want, Where I want to go. Something is missing, I really wanna know, Don't know why its happening, Wish I could let it go. You are to me, Like I am to you, You broke my heart now, Like I did it with you. I…Read more Believe